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empower others?

Means knowing how to stay in challenging situations and how to deal with them in the best possible way, both on a personal and organisational level. 

Although traditionally associated with high-level and important roles, the concept of leadership concerns every individual within the work context, regardless of the position they hold. In a world that is becoming less hierarchical and vertical, and increasingly collaborative and horizontally organised, it is crucial to understand that this competence concerns everyone. It is not a qualification but rather a skill that is trainable and usable by every member of the organisation at the right time. It requires, however, a process by which people are empowered and provided a moment of self-reflection to understand how and when this skill can be used. Authentic leadership stems primarily from self-leadership. Leadership is intended as the ability to self-determine and find the best way to face challenges that arise from time to time. It, therefore, requires practical and concrete training to discover one’s leadership style.

Leadership is not just the ability to lead a group or to help its members reach objectives and feel self-actualised or valued. It is more widely thought of as the ability to clearly and appropriately read the situation, focus on the critical issues and relevant elements, and decide the most appropriate behaviours and effective strategies to adopt to achieve the objectives. It is therefore situational, as it can, and should be activated depending on the individual circumstances, thus providing different results based on the various decisions and behaviours adopted. Having the correct understanding of the concept of leadership and knowing how it can be activated at the right time and in the right way by each member of the organisation can make a difference for the success and well-being of a company.


Being present and clearly expressing thoughts on issues relevant to oneself and others.

Actively seeking opportunities to express one's vision.

Clear and comprehensible reading and communication of future scenarios.

Courage to abandon established and known situations in favour of new conditions that may represent significant changes for oneself and others.

Active listening of the various stakeholders, encouraging its implementation at individual and group level.


Roberto Degli Esposti, Executive Business Coach, Managing Partner

Leadership is a strength that allows abandonment.

Insights su Leadership

Francesco Gaeta, giornalista e moderatore dell’evento Performant by SCOA “L’esercizio della Leadership nel Next New Normal”

Rafforzare la comunicazione; dedicare più tempo all’ascolto; garantire a ciascuno tempo per sé e la famiglia; costruire insieme un senso di fiducia per condividere una nuova strategia.

Francesco Gaeta, giornalista e moderatore dell’evento Performant by SCOA “L’esercizio della Leadership nel Next New Normal”

Sapere gestire le sfumature della comunicazione; trasmettere solidità nel prendere le decisioni; gestire lo stress per trasformare la sfida in energia.

Roberto Degli Esposti, Executive Business Coach, Managing partner

Volendo saltare alle conclusioni e prendere una posizione forte e coraggiosa, si potrebbe dire che la leadership è un esercizio di potere più o meno supportato dalla gerarchia.

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