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People and Organizational Development
The growth and development of the organisation strongly depends on the growth and development of its individuals. Developing people, teams, and organisations means giving  them the possibility to express their full value and positively impact the external context.

Following paths of growth and transformation at both the individual and organisational level brings about concrete and substantial improvements to the corporate context, as it allows for the complete and total development of the organisation. It means moving from an ego-centric logic to an eco-centric one, based on interdependence, in which the ultimate good is the sustainability of the overall system with obvious positive effects on the wider organisation, the single teams and ultimately the individuals that are part of the organisation. 
Creating growth opportunities for people means enabling the full potential of the organisation. It means accompanying each member in finding their own way of dealing with change so they can learn to focus on its favourable and productive aspects as a means of providing new stimuli, perspectives and scenarios. Professional and personal fulfilment is only possible by learning to remain in a situation of change, developing and training those skills that allow an individual to face challenging situations in the best possible way. Recognising, therefore, the distinctive and important elements so as to enhance them and adopt appropriate and effective behaviours and strategies. This means abandoning pre-packaged and fixed schemes and adapting them to new circumstances and contexts.
Organizational development systemic approach where we understand how the individual and the whole group are in a relationship of interdependence. The organisation is not merely the sum of its parts, but their constant and dynamic interaction: it is rather like a living organism. The growth and full expression of each individual have consequences for the organisation as a whole.


The individual and the community are interdependent.

The organisation is not merely the sum of its parts, but their constant and dynamic interaction

The company is a living organism

The full expression of each individual has consequences for the whole organisation.

Homo sapiens began to dominate the planet when they started to collaborate in larger groups.

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Carlo Boidi, Senior Business Coach, Partner

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Roberto Degli Esposti, Executive Business Coach, Managing Partner

Al centro del lavoro di un team c’è il dialogo. Attraverso il dialogo, il Team e i suoi componenti condividono obiettivi, aspettative, problemi, possibili soluzioni e decisioni e si organizzano tra di loro.

Redazione Performant

Creare, mantenere e coltivare il contatto empatico con i propri collaboratori, colleghi e clienti lavorando a distanza, è stato un grande tema manageriale emerso in quest’anno particolare, su cui ha impattato fortemente il Covid-19.

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