James Favaro on Future of Education

During the Symposium, organized by Grasp Network, in honor of EXPODubai, 2021/22, the renowned Californian architect James Favaro dives deep into his expertise and experience within the architecture industry. Tieing together the impact infrastructure and surroundings have on both the educational and emotional wellbeing of individuals.

Referencing conceptualizations of how we think, originated by Andy Clark and David Chamers, which was later researched and delivered in the book “The Extended Mind” written by Annie Murphy Paul; Favaro touches on three important keynotes:

  • Bodies
  • Surroundings
  • Relationships

Breaking them down, he explains that each has specific relevance to today’s society and today’s workspace, for it is of great importance to form connections and relations with one another. Creating a space where one can not only meet for recreational purposes but be able to express their work and feel safe doing so, have bigger importance than one might think.
The design of the work environment will help create a more efficient and communal workflow.
Can there be a bridge between the evolution of architecture throughout the centuries to today’s modern and fast pace approach to mindsets? Could it be more sustainable and reliable?

By starting with the modernization and update on infrastructure, one can apply similar concepts to studies, ideas, and mindsets.

Check out the full video below!



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