Diversity and Inclusion
Companies with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion show higher performance and success rates, along with a greater sense of wellness among people. The inclusion of diversity constitutes an added value to the organisation, since it brings benefits both at a collective and individual level.

A company’s culture that encourages diversity creates an environment where it is easier to enhance individual skills, the spirit of collaboration and, consequently, the achievement of professional goals. Diversity, however, is not only regarded in terms of ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation, but in a broader sense as openness to what is not ordinary, to what is unknown and uncommon.
The openness to diversity, in fact, enables the identification of an individual’s uniqueness beyond any bias or stereotype, which is essential in allowing them to express their true potential. As a result, it helps people find the best path forward when facing the many challenges posed by the market and its context.

Moreover, the inclusion of diversity guarantees a company a wider and more diverse range of skills and characteristics. Thus, allowing, on the one hand, more objectivity in analysing problems, thanks to the combination of various points of view, and, on the other, more opportunities for innovation and creativity. It, ultimately, facilitates change and adaptation to new conditions, the letting-go of obsolete practices and the implementation of new and more effective strategies.


Anja Puntari, Senior Business Coach, Partner

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion brings significant advantages and relevant results in a short time and increases performance effectiveness and productivity.


Better performing teams

More innovation and creativity

More business opportunities

The ability to foresee change

Captivating and engaging brand image

Talent attraction

If I put myself in someone else’s shoes, am I the other one?

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